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Terms and Conditions

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Have publication?
Thank you for choosing Abebios products!
Congratulations on successfully publishing your paper on academic journals. We highly appreciate that “Abebio” or “Wuhan Abebio Science Co.,Ltd” product describing in the method section of the paper! 
Please contact us (abebio@abebio.com) for an application form to share your excellent publications with us, we will offer you a reward immediately.

Impact factor (IF)

Publication reward (USD)

1.0 ≤ IF < 3.0


3.0 ≤ IF < 5.0


5.0 ≤ IF < 10.0


IF ≥ 10.0


Terms and conditions
1. The completed data or publication is submitted to Abebios processing, Incomplete information shall not be processed by Abebio and will be returned to the applicant.
2. Paper must be printed and published on academic journals, Paper under review is not eligible to apply.
3. Only lead author could apply for the publication reward.
4. Each paper can only be rewarded once.
5. Multiple publications by same product from same applicant shall only be rewarded once.
6. Use of information: We will post your data or publication on our website, accessible to all investigators involved in specific field of research. 
7. The publication reward is the equivalent shopping card.
8. Abebio holds the right for the final approval.
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Terms and Conditions
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