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Antibody Service

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Our specific projects: 

Ø monoclonal antibody cell line production.

Ø monoclonal antibodyascites production.

Ø monoclonal antibodyascites purification.

Key Features
Characteristic Species: zebra fish, Nematode, fruit flies, rice, cotton, Arabidopsis thaliana, blue-green algae, virus etc.

We promise
ü service will be started immediately after deposit is received.

ü Resynthesis for free will be provided in case that peptide synthesis sequence is not in compliance with what provided by customers.

ü Compared with immunogen titer, the antiserum titer of indirect Elisa is no lower than 1:160,000. Promise the antibody can be adopted by WB endogenous detection or expression of positive IP detection, specificity of antibody can be guaranteed. Antibody verification test will be proceeded by customer due to tissue samples.

ü All results of service are reserved by customers. Customers have rights to know the progress of service anytime.

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