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Abebios ELISA kit- Buy ONE, get TWO
No experimental risk, no extra shipping fee 

Terms and conditions:
1. Get the same 1*24T free sample kit for every 1* 96T ELISA kit.
    But only 1*24T free sample kit for multi 96T ELISA kits.
2. To save the shipping fee, 24T free sample kit will be packed in the same 96T ELISA kit package, no separate packing.
3. Food Safety & Animal Disease ELISA kits not included.
4. OEM partners cant participate in this promotion.
5. The final interpretation is owned by Wuhan Abebio Science Co.,Ltd.

Advanced technology makes high quality affordable!
Abebio has strived to provide high-quality biological reagents and services, including:
ProteinsAntibodiesELISA Kits.
Biological news
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