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On March 25, 2018, Dr. Dan Souw from ARP American Research Products, Inc made a friendly visit to our company.
In August 2017, Dr. Dan visited our AACCs booth in the United States, then the two sides reached cooperative plan. Now, Dr. Dan visited our companys production and R & D base , he highly praised our quality control and customer service attitude. At the same time, he also gave valuable suggestions for more close cooperation in the future.
After meeting, the two sides exchanged gifts and agreed on the time for the next meeting. This visit has laid solid foundations for the promotion of our products in the US market. Abebio will continue to provide better products, better service, and win-win cooperation with partners.
ARP American Research Products, Inc.™ - Based in Massachusetts, is our distributor in USA. ARP has been providing high quality products to research laboratories in hospitals, universities and biotech firms worldwide since 1994. 
If you want to know more, you can visit its official website:  http://www.arp1.com

Abebio News
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