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When speaking of baldness, most of the people might think of embarrassment. For some people, baldness is really an annoying problem. Scientists are working to figure out an efficient treatment to this all along the time. Kinds of methods are coming into light. Recently, a novel way was found by scientists after conducted a number of researches. This method was said to be a cure for male pattern baldness, but it might hurt a little.
According to previous knowledge, hair follicle injury can affect its adjacent environment and this environment, however, can in turn influence hair regeneration. So what will happen if we pluck some of the hair in a certain pattern? Will the hair grow thicker?
With these questions in mind, scientists plucked 200 hair follicles one by one, in different configurations on the back of a mouse. When they plucked the hairs in a low-density pattern from an area exceeding six millimeters in diameters, no hair regenerated. Then, they changed the strategy. They plucked the hair in a high-density pattern from circular areas with diameters between three and five millimeters. It turned out that about 450 to 1300 hairs regenerated, including those outside of the plucked region.
To figure out the reasons, they analyzed this in the aspect of molecular. They found that these plucked follicles signal distress by releasing inflammatory proteins, which employed immune cells to rush to the injured area. Then, these immune cells would secrete signaling molecules which would communicate to both the plucked and unplucked follicles to grow hair.
Their next goal is to find out if this process exist in the physiological or pathogenic process of other organs, if so, the benefit would be far beyond imagination. 
Biological news
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