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Patients can Use More to Quit Smoking

Everyone knows smoking is harmful to health, till now, there is no good way to quit smoking in fast and comfortable way. But recently, some research gives us some new idea about quitting smoking.


Procalcitonin or C-reactive protein, which is more instructive?

Procalcitonin, PCT is a hormone-free procalcitonin glycoprotein, a soluble protein released into the circulatory system of patients with severe systemic infections, especially bacterial infections. In normal physiological state, the PCT of CALC-1 gene transcriptional expression is limited to the thyroid C cells and the neuroendocrine cell kappa cells of the lung.


Eating Meat May Raise the risk of Breast Cancer

Investigators have found preliminary evidence that eating red meat and poultry seems to boost the risk of breast cancer in white women - but not black women. "Most breast cancer studies have been conducted in [white] women," senior study author Dr. Elisa Bandera, an epidemiologist at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, said in an institute news release.


How to Analyze ELISA Data with GraphPad Prism

In this article, we will demonstrate one way of analyzing some typical ELISA data using GraphPad Prism. Prism have been one popular software for a few years now, and it does a very good job of simplifying data analysis.


How a Direct, Indirect and Sandwich ELISA Works

Today, I am going to be talking a little bit about the concept behind Elisa which are very common laboratory technique and its going to be helpful to know how it works for a number of reasons whether its a class you are taking or a procedure that youre trying to master.


Treatment of chemotherapy complications

Vincristine is one basic part of acute lymphatic leukemia, lymphoma treatment. As one microtubule elongation inhibitor, it can combine beta tubulin and block the microtubule polymerization


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