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Estrogen may weaken flu virus in women

New study may explain why flu appears to hit men harder than women. Researchers who tested various forms of the female sex hormone estrogen - which is also present in men - on nasal cells from men and women, found the compounds reduced virus replication in the female but not the male cells.


What is the reason of cancer spreading to liver

According to a new study published in nature recently, cancer is usually the most likely to metastasize to the liver. This is because liver cells, as the main functional cells of the liver, are in a chain reaction center, which makes them particularly sensitive to cancer cells.


Pain researchers may know why COVID-19 spreads quickly in patients′ lungs

Around the world, scientists are racing to find ways to combat the symptoms of COVID-19 as the number of global cases surpasses 9 million. Researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas recently pinpointed a potential strategy for counteracting the acceleration of the illness in the lungs.


Genes that predispose to cancer by impairing the immune system

The idea that the immune system monitors and prevents the development of cancer, which is called cancer immune vigilance," was initially proposed at the beginning of the last century. Since then, epidemiological studies have shown that the suppression of the immune system increases the risk of cancer; however, the molecular basis of this process is not well understood.


Rejuvenation of Three Germ Layers Tissues by Exchanging Old Blood Plasma With Saline-Albumin

Heterochronic blood sharing rejuvenates old tissues, and most of the studies on how this works focus on young plasma, its fractions, and a few youthful systemic candidates. However, it was not formally established that young blood is necessary for this multi-tissue rejuvenation.


Macrophage metabolic adaptation to heme detoxification involves CO-dependent activation of the pentose phosphate pathway

Recently, Bories from University of Virginia and his team published their research on Macrophage metabolic adaptation to heme detoxification involves CO-dependent activation of the pentose phosphate pathway on Blood.


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