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Problems related to new crown vaccine for patients with severe mental illness

To combat the global novel coronavirus pneumonia, people have made extraordinary efforts in the development and production of the new crown vaccine, and the early reports on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine also showed potential.


High-Density Lipoprotein Anti-Inflammatory Capacity and Incident Cardiovascular Events

The role of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) function in cardiovascular disease represents an important emerging concept


A Microbiota-Directed Food Intervention for Under- nourished Children

More than 30 million children worldwide have moderate acute malnutrition. Current treatments have limited effectiveness, and much remains unknown about the pathogenesis of this condition.


Tau protein acetylation connects traumatic brain injury and Alzheimer´s disease

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is usually caused by car accident, fall, contact movement or attack. In the US alone, the annual incidence rate of TBI is as high as 3 million 500 thousand.


The microbiome and human cancer

The role of microorganisms in causing and sustaining cancers has been in dispute for centuries. Through the lens of gut- and tumor-associated microbes, Sepich-Poore et al. review our current understanding of the microbiota in cancer, building a “microbially conscious” framework.


PM2.5 Associated With Gray Matter Atrophy Reflecting Increased Alzheimer Risk in Older Women

To examine whether late-life exposure to PM2.5 contributes to progressive brain atrophy predictive of Alzheimer disease (AD) using a community-dwelling cohort of women with up to 2 brain MRI scans.


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