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Protease Activity in Single-Chain Prekallikrein

Plasma prekallikrein, the precursor of the enzyme kallikrein, has intrinsic proteolytic activity. Prekallikrein activity may contribute to bradykinin production and to initiation of contact activation when blood is exposed surfaces.


Catalytic dysregulation of SHP2 leading to Noonan syndromes affects platelet signaling and functions

They found that NS-causing SHP2 gain-of-function mutation induces a signaling defect–related thrombopathy with an increased bleeding risk, while NSML-causing SHP2 loss of function induces an elevated platelet response to collagen at high shear rate.


Researchers determine how a specific protein regulates tumor growth

Immune checkpoints are surface proteins that cancer cells use to evade immune response. These surface proteins are critical for cancer cell growth and drugs targeting these proteins have revolutionized the management of patients with a wide array of cancers.


HIV patients lose smallpox immunity despite childhood vaccine, AIDS drugs

HIV patients lose immunity to smallpox even though they were vaccinated against the disease as children and have had much of their immune system restored with antiretroviral therapy, according to a study published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.


Study Confirms Heart Benefit of Soy as FDA Reviews This Claim

U.S. regulators should continue to recommend soy protein as part of a heart-healthy diet because it helps lower cholesterol, researchers conclude from an analysis of dozens of studies done in the past two decades.


Plucking hairs could help treat baldness, study finds

Led by Prof. Cheng-Ming Chuong, of the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, the study reveals how individually plucking 200 hairs from the back of a mouse in a specific pattern led to the regeneration of up to 1,300 hairs.


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